A fun way to chill your drinks. Available in white and dark marble.

The process

Place the marble ice in the freezer and the natural properties of the marble will chill your drink.


These stylish coasters are solid and easy to maintain. Marble’s ability to withstand a range of temperatures make these ideal for hot or ice cold drinks.


Companies who would expand their customer service as well as reaching out to a new individualized marketing solution to help them reach out to a never perspective of marketing.

A few words about us

Who we are

Dear custumer, We are a company localized in Zagreb, Croatia. Our products are hand carved marble coasters. Every coaster is uniqe and individulized and engraved with your logo. We ensure that this new method of marketing and a new perspective to enlarge your custumer base.Not only will it expand your services and custumer base, it will also show your clients a modern look of your company. Our coastars are uniqe, not only as a new marketngs taqtiqe but will keep your glass or bottle chilled for up to 3 hours. Also, it will reduce your marketing costs, and your cliants will take a different look at your company as you belive in customer care and are different of your competition.

The efficency of our product has proven, not only that it will notbnly get your sevices to a biggwer perspecive of a custumers view toards your company, but also as an indivijulized product it will alwas stay intheir minds. Perhaps, aswe refer to it as a ,,mental suvenir", and as our company has proven in study and reseach, custumers most properly would like to purchase or as we say, ,,borrow our product", which as an end result, becomes a marketingitem which will serve on a daily basis of your custumer and will be remembered on a dayly basis.Every time your glass, cup or bottle will be used, your logo will be there and will make an individulized impresion in your custumer, as it makes him feel as you are making him more special as the the other companies did not and he will feel more respected and indivijulized.Therefor your custumer will have the feeling of beeing well traited and as an individual, and not a number.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers by offering ecological products instead of plastic. We are commited to producing ECO friendly Marble product, compostable and safe for Your health. These are excellent quality products for that not only appeal to consumers, but help preserve the environment.

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NON-Scratch protective pads fitted under each of the coasters to avoid scratching or staining your furniture.

Stain resistant

Naturally stain resistant with a beautifully polished elegant finish


Companies who would expand their customer service as well as reaching out to a new individualized marketing solution to help them reach out to a never perspective of marketing.


packaging options

Our straws are available with our retailing partners, bars, cafes, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, wholesalers and distributors.

Retail packs

Perfect packaging for stores and retail chains. Made with packaging headers so they don't use shelf space. Colourful, creative and patterned straws for any occasion.

Bulk boxes

Ideal for small business related with HoReCa sector or any venue that prefers to reduce plastic waste.


Packaging made for distributor and for medium and big enterprises in HoReCa industry.


Pallets are used for international shipping with best prices and discounts. Contact us for a quote.



Our Marble Ice...


Marble coaster is fully made of marble


Our marble coaster are ECO friendly


Our materials are in compliance with the FDA and BfR with FSC and PEFC certification

Distributed from Croatia

Our products are hand carved marble coasters

Our marble coaster are approved for direct glass contact|

Croatian supplier of premium Marble Ice.